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“Our data and analysis-driven business Intelligence services are designed to provide our customers with deep insights and effectively support them in opening up new markets.”

Vinzenz Heindl, Managing Director

Business Intelligence Services

A changing world: different consumer habits. Fluctuating commodity prices. Sustainability as THE key issue. New challenges and opportunities - especially for the packaging industry.


Market intelligence is crucial to making data-driven business decisions. With our market intelligence services we want to provide valuable insights into the market, competition and evolving customer needs. This allows resources to be used more efficiently, opportunities to be identified early and risks to be minimized to promote long-term success. 


We currently offer two products in this business area: white spot analysis and benchmarking. You can find further information in the product flyers.

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The white spot analysis is a model that takes into account a defined radius around your location and uses intelligent parameters to scan the market for the 20 best target customers for your company. The result is a tailored, systematic approach to managing your sales activities in order to achieve even more targeted market development.

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Benchmarking (only available in German)

The benchmarking tool allows you to analyze your business processes and compare them with the benchmark data of other family-run packaging processing companies. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your key performance indicators and can
look at these in comparison to the average values of other benchmarking participants. For this product we commissioned a law firm
which acts as a trustee and ensures the security of your data.

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