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Each of us is a node in a network - with unique experiences and perspectives. We don't just listen to the ideas of our speakers, we bring them to life with our individual expertise.

Vinzenz Heindl, Managing director

Events and further training

Different formats with one goal: further development of the profitable and sustainable growth of family businesses in the packaging industry. 

3 pillars for complete success

In order to be successful as a private company in the packaging industry in the long term and sustainably, three success factors must be continuously developed: Family Business Intelligence, Market Business Intelligence and Enterprise Business Intelligence. 

In our meetings and events, practice-oriented impulses from top-class experts provide the basis for exchange with other family business owners in the industry. In this way, we ensure that the latest findings from research and consulting always have a direct connection to the questions asked by our participants. We thus offer a unique platform that brings together the expert knowledge of the speakers and the experience of family entrepreneurs in an industry.

Professionals Academy 
Congress (PAC)

Intergenerational and transnational exchange between family businesses in the packaging industry.

At the Professionals Congress annually family businesses from all over central Europe get together to shape a future together.

The framework is formed by an annually changing motto, which is divided into three pillars for entrepreneurs.

Business Intelligence Meetings

With our Business Intelligence Meetings we offer network intelligence meetings for small groups (10 – 15 attendees) for family business entrepeneurs in the packaging industry. Experts and family entrepreneurs meet six times over the course of a year. Each pillar is accompanied by a face-to-face business intelligence meeting and an online retrospective. 

During our one and a half day Business Intelligence Meetings, we place great value on the balance of impulses, structured and informal exchange. Only the sum of these components leads successful further development of network intelligence.

Impressions of past events


„It’s been a pleasure and honor for me to be a part of that incredible and inspired team! I love being a member of the Professionals Academy and I really appreciate your work and time you have sacrificed for creating that place.
Of course I will stay for another year of the programme – I really adore our meetings, deep conversations and our time together!

Monika Poprawa, POPRAWA

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