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„Wir bieten unseren Kunden maßgeschneiderte Beratungsdienstleistungen, die darauf abzielen, langfristig erfolgreiche Strategien zu entwickeln und kluge Entscheidungen zu ermöglichen, die nachhaltigen Erfolg sichern.“

Vinzenz Heindl, Geschäftsführer

With our expertise and experience in the packaging industry, we accompany you on projects in order to develop a strategy for your company together. We act with foresight and always pay attention to current and future topics and trends in packaging.

Tailor-made advice for your success

As part of our consulting projects, we support you and your company in overcoming a wide range of challenges in the packaging environment. Like no other company, we understand the complex, dynamic market environment, we know technologies and the possibilities of corrugated cardboard, which is part of our DNA. Our goal is always to find innovative solutions to respond to developments in the market. This is the only way you can seize opportunities in the market with your company and make your value creation more efficient. 

An optimized sales approach, the development of targeted markets, or an expansion of the product portfolio are just a few examples of possible project results. We not only develop a long-term strategy with you on an equal footing, but are also focused on preparing the implementation as practicably as possible and supporting it if necessary.

Strategy, Market &
Business consultations

Strategy, Market &
Business consultations


Define strategic framework, project goals,
corporate goals



Extended White Spot Analysis:
Target customers & competition in new location

Environment analysis:

→​ Porter‘s 5 Force & PESTEL-Analysis

Identification of Strategic fields of action



Strategic options:
Basic options incl. design

Integrated proposal:

Derivation of best approach per segment
Derivation of strat. initiatives f. implement.

(Rough and detailed concept)


Testing scenarios:

"If-then" analysis, "Plan B"

Who, what, how, when?

Roadmap and Business Case:

steps for implementation, NPV, ROI, amortisat.


Market strategy

The topic of market strategy requires great attention from us in our projects. It's about developing the necessary approaches to successfully position products in the competitive environment and to open up new markets. 

After defining the project goals, we will work with you to design strategies, for example for successful product placement or your future sales model. Initiatives to open up new markets and develop new product categories in your segment also play a crucial role. Finally, we specifically address the implementation of the selected initiatives by drawing up a feasible roadmap and evaluating the business cases.

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